Preparation for Travels

June 2nd, 8am in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here I am sitting on the floor in the Amsterdam airport. Finally made it here after a 6 and half hour flight from New York. Speaking of New York, let me tell you about that adventure.  I got to NY at 330 pm after a five hour flight (1230 pm at home). I took the wrong air train to get to my terminal to recheck my bags and get my ticket. Apparently, carry on bags can only be a certain weight and my bag was 1 lb over, so I had to rearrange my bags. I finally made it to my gate with sweat rollin down my face.  NY airport has quite a lot of interesting people. I was standing next to two transvestites, saw a group of Amish men. Quite an array of different people. Most everyone from the group is here and it looks like we are going to have a blast for the next month. Still have about another 6 or 7 hour flight to Kilimanjaro which leaves at 1015am, which is about 3am at home. My brain is having a hard time with the concept of time.

Just wanted to share a pic from the airport. I’ve only seen it on the movies and now I can say I have seen it in real life. The signs really do say “toilet” not restroom! DSC00015






May 31st, 1030pm

I am sitting in the Seattle Airport with a full tummy, feeling cold and tired. I’m here overnight and then leaving for New York at 7am. It has already been quite an adventure. I had to go through security twice in Pasco; there was a small pair of scissors and my fork/spoon/knife kit was in my carry on and that was not aloud! So I had to see if the lady could put the kit in my checked bag and then go through security again. But oh well, I guess that is how it goes. I am definitely going to be stronger; hauling my two checked bags around the airport has worked up a sweat and made my muscles tired. But I’m not complaining, anything to get that little extra roll off my tummy will help 🙂 Stay tuned for when I get to New York. I’m going to the Big Apple, even if it is just in the airport 🙂

May 29th, 8 am

Alright guys, so here is a trial video. I had a bit of a hard time uploading; for some reason my computer saved the video in a file that the blog is not compatible with so I uploaded the video to Youtube and copied the link. Nothing to exciting on the video (Africa will be much better 🙂 ), just my critters and house. Yes, we do have a blue manikin next to the rabbit hutch… one of my dad’s projects. I only have two more days left here in the Wild West before I head to the even wilder Serengeti. I’m excited and scared more than anything. Most things are packed and ready to go. Have a long day ahead of running errands and getting my flat tire fixed ( I ran over a nail). Hope ya’ll enjoy the insight into my house 🙂



May 24th, 820pm

Well, I have got two bags packed- officially! And they are not being re-opened for anything! My dad had to stand one the suitcase in order for me to shut it. I am trying hard to get away with taking only 3 bags, not 4, and I think I made it. All I have left is my backpack carry on to finish packing and that can not get done till the day I leave. I can’t believe how fast this has all come; I just got going well at my work and now I have to leave 😦 My poor critters are going to be lost without me as well as my boyfriend 🙂 But, I get the opportunity of a life time and I am grabbin’ it by the horns!

May 23rd. 955pm

Got most things packed. Using the smaller computer that I am taking with me right now to try and get more used to using it. Emailed the students that I will be with for the next month the other day and have heard back from a couple of them. We are all interested in the same thing but our interests vary greatly outside of conservation . I think it will be an exciting month together. Here are a couple pics of my cat, Bandit, who needs to get into everything, thinking he needs to go with me. Also, Lightning chewing on his bone. (The random pics are just practicing using the blog, and getting pics onto my computer).DSC00006 DSC00011











Lightning is just the right fit to sit on the camp stool.

May 16th, 930 pm

So I got my long awaited horse back ride last night and it was wonderful! 🙂 Got all my shopping done and now I have everything I need. Started packing tonight to see where I am at with luggage. So far, so good. Worked on one of my carry on bags and then my checked suitcase. Then I realized how late it is- I had a long day of work and work tomorrow too. I’m going to finish this then head to bed.






May 15th, 8am.

Going shopping today for the rest of my clothes and school supplies. Going to be a long day between that, a doctor appt, and a staff meeting at work. Then hopefully a long awaited horse back ride. Stay tuned for the pics on all the things I’m packing.

May 9th, 2014.

Here are some of the things that I have to take. Bought some long dresses and skirts today (when going into town, we have to wear very modest clothes). Included in the pile of stuff is bug spray, sleeping bag, books, video recorder, hats, towels, shoes, required paperwork, one big suitcase, a duffle bag, and backpack. I will be finishing my clothes shopping next week and then hopefully I can begin packing.




One thought on “Preparation for Travels

  1. Too late now but I have learned to just take the things I love to wear and roll it all to pack it! So fun to see your yard and esp. The blue lady that your crazy dad showed us once before! He is so much fun! Don’t tell them but I love your uncles and Aunt Katie! You can tell Katie but by all that’s holy, don’t tell your uncles. :):):)

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